Waffen-Arten (Civ4 FFH)

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Weapon Type is a series of promotions which allow certain units to improve when they are built, or when they move into certain cities.

Units that presently have a Weapon Type:

Note that each unit can have limits to the highest Weapon Type Promotion they can gain (including none); see the individual unit for detail. At the time of this writing, the only noted limit was for Warrior and its Replacement units (which are limited to Bronze Weapons and Iron Weapons).

Weapon Types:

  • Note that a promotion that is lower on the table will remove the promotions above it
  • Note that the Doviello ignore the requirement of a Forge.
  • Note that the Barbarian State does not require the corresponding resource, but it does require the appropriate technology, and applies it on unit creation.
Resource needed at the city Building needed at the city Granted Promotion Primary Bonus
Copper Forge Bronze Weapons +1 Strength
Iron Forge Iron Weapons +2 Strength
Mithril Weaponsmith Mithril Weapons +4 Strength