Neue Zivilisationen (Civ4 FFH)

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Unlike vanilla Civilization IV, in Fall From Heaven II, the Civilization that you choose changes your game. Some Civlizations are very weak in areas that other civilizations are very strong in. Instead of one or two units that are unique, there may be dozens. In addition, there may be many units that are unavailable to your Civilization. The Civilization may change the Improvements you can build (at least early on), the Technologies that you can persue, the Civics you can have, and the Buildings you can build. Each Palace is unique to that Civilization, and gives different bonus Resources. In certain extreme cases, Civilizations can affect what you get from Terrain or Improvements, or even give you different Specialists or Great People.

The point is that each civ has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you get into one of the civs grooves, or they tend to match your natural play style they tend to seem over powered. And if they contrast to your play style they may seem weak.

We wanted to make sure players couldnt play the same strategy with every civ and be viable. But we didn't want to script the civs so tightly that you had to follow a strict path to be successful with it. The players should have a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their civ (internal) and the challenges ahead of them (external). The fun of the game is overcoming those challenges to the best of your ability. - Kael